Our History

Almost 30 years delivering fruits, health and happiness from Ecuador to the world.

In 1993, Medardo Roman and Justus Klemperer found the perfect location for Hacienda Pierde China. Their love for nature and mangoes made them search for years the perfect soil and weather to grow the flavored tropical fruit. Now after years, this family owned farm gives work to neighbour communities and shares the taste of the Equator around the globe. 

Our Commitment


Thriving in community

We are rooted in a tropical paradise where all our produce is produced and cared for by native workers. At Tierra Caliente we are committed to sustainability and social conscience in all of our practices and we honour every agent in the supply chain.


Produce that inspires

We share with our consumers a taste of the Equator in every bit of our work; Tierra Caliente envisions a powerful development for artisans and local farmers around the globe, every product and craft has a story to tell and we believe that consumers are ready to be part of sustainable practices.

Ecuadorian´s nature certified

Through our mangoes production we share ecuadorian land and health to the world.